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What Causes Damage To Your Windshield?

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Coming across a chip on your windshield, no matter how small, could be a cause of alarm for most people. You may have, at some point, heard a sudden impact on your windshield and wondered whether it would cause severe damage. 

Any crack on your windshield should be considered severe. As such, depending on the extent of the damage, it is always a good idea to go for professional windshield replacement. There are numerous reasons why your windshield could be damaged, some of which are discussed below.  

Debris from the Road 

Pebbles and rocks are often thrown from tires and other cars and land on your windshield. This is the main reason behind damage to your car's windshield. The impact caused by these rocks on the windshield will often lead to the cracking of the glass.

Continuous damage to the windshield will warrant windshield replacement, which isn't something you want to be doing every other time. To help avoid such a scenario, it would be best if you maintained a reasonable distance between you and the car in front of you. This way, there is a reduced chance of damage to the glass on your windshield.

Extreme Temperature Conditions

Extreme weather conditions where high temperatures and low temperatures are prevalent and make the glass on your windshield contract and expand. The repeated contraction and expansion will result in cracks on your windshield. Putting this kind of strain on the windshield doesn't do you any favors, and you would have to seek windshield replacement services to be on the safe side.

Air conditioning is another aspect that could damage your windshield, especially if you try to heat or cool your interior faster. You could try to limit this by gradual changes in temperatures as opposed to rapid variations of your car's air conditioning.

Poor Glass Quality and Improper Installation

If the glass on your windshield isn't of high quality, it gets quickly damaged from the strain caused by factors such as temperature and debris. The most common place you will find these cracks is on the windshield edges. Other times, you will find that these cracks are a result of improper installation.

Therefore, you should always prioritize having a highly qualified windshield replacement technician fit your windshield in such a way that it isn't at risk of damage. It would also help if you obtained glass that is of excellent quality that can withstand any strain and offer you the protection you need. Reach out to a professional who provides windshield replacement services to learn more.